Incumbent Tororo District Local Council V (LCV) Chairman Mr. Wilson Okachuga has excited masses online as he makes a second bid in the National Resistance Movement (NRM) primaries for the same spot.

Mr. Okachuga, who became Chairman as an Independent in 2016, defeated NRM’s Apollo Jaramogi, John Obbo and the incumbent then a one Emmanuel.



Mr. Okachuga however maintained a low profile in the political circles of Uganda and only stayed where his name would not cause controversy.

With the NRM Primaries for LCV representatives going on today, and the increasing use of the internet in the electoral process, Ugandans have unearthed the Tororo leader and he is currently on a field trip among circles of especially Ugandans from the west where his name means something else entirely.

“I am curios to know what Okachuga means in Japadhola. It could be something very holy. You know how imana means God in Rwandese, okuchuga may be implying something like Praise God.” Wilson Tumusiime, a co-name of the LCV aspirant told our snoops.

Our reporters in eastern Uganda maintain that Mr. Okachuga is very strong in the district and is likely to take the victory home as he has genuinely served his people and extended job creation through industrialisation to them.

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