NBS TV Uncut presenter Zahara Toto has lost it all after a Nigerian Oga, only known as Don Solomon came to Uganda and with out-of-the-world Okonkwo bed game and took her off balance.

According to snoops, the loaded Oga has been asking Ms Toto to literally make a wish every morning after bonking themselves non-stop through the nights like viagra addicts.



The Oga, whom our snoops admit is not particularly good looking, made up for his hideous face with bags of money and unprecedented stamina between the sheets.

“Ekyo ky’ekisinze okuluma Zahara. Bisajja ebi Nigeria bikarakata. Ahte bilina enthimbi.” A source, that has been neighbours with the couple informed The Ugandan Wire.

The Nigerian has accussed Toto of violence in the relationship and even claims she burnt him while accussing him of giving his big mutomba di*k to other slay queens in Kampala, what in common English we refer to as cheating.

As a result, the media personality has released a secret video on Snapchat that was recorded when Don Solomon was beating her to pulp when she sought to stop him from leaving their house.

The gorgeous presenter says her Oga is an emotional abuser, fraudster, thief, broke, casanova, violent and a very disgusting chap. Watch the other video below;

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