As the 2021 presidential election draws near, politicians are doing all sorts of stunts to appeal to their electorate. In a fresh video released by President Museveni’s Public Relations (PR) team, the longest serving head of state of Uganda has challenged young people (Bazukulu) to a push ups session.

“After work last night, I challenged my Bazukulu to an indoor work-out. We did forty push-ups. Just like I have always advised, even at your own home, you can stay safe, and remain fit and healthy.” President Museveni wrote on social media.



Museveni, who was clad in an armless shirt and bare footed, starts the video by running around a room in State House before he started his push ups.

In the video, while he is clocking the fortieth push-up, his aides and grandchildren can be heard in the background counting down with excitement.

Museveni is running for a 6th term in office (2021-2026) having been solely nominated as the National Resistance Movement (NRM) National Chairman and Flagbearer.

Among others, he will be competing for presidency with musician and Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) who is 37 years his junior. It is therefore understable that he has an uphill task to prove to the majority youths population of Uganda that he is fit enough to still run the country.

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Uganda has registered over 1100 positive cases of coronavirus and 5 deaths so far. Museveni outed the video appealing to Ugandans to stay indoors and avoid contracting and spreading the coronavirus.

According to him, Ugandans don’t need to move outside to jog. They can do helpful exercises within the comfort of their homes. Watch the video below;