Social media platform Twitter has been on fire since last night after audios of a yet to be identified horny SMACK vacist revealed how he encountered a bomb ass chic that he later discovered had a penis and a vagina.

The vacist, who pulled off a very hillarious narration weighed the situation and concluded that there was nothing “kawa” about it. He said he finally confirmed that “hermaphrodites” are real.



In his narration, a friend of his who stays in Buziga had invited a chic over that he wanted to bonk but unfortunately for him, she came along with a friend. Knowing that he had a horny friend nearby, he invited the Smackist to keep the other girl company as he goes about his business.

“He jazzed me that man, I want to smash but I can’t smash when this other chic is there. Bikyi bikyi, kati you be jazzing this chic you give her company what what. So this guy goes with his chic in the bedroom and I stay with this other chic in the sitting room.” The horny vacist narrated.

The Smackist who confesses that he is a horny guy, says the jazz with this chic that he said moob pretty flowed very well and before they knew it, they had initiated their own games back in the sitting room.

“So jazz flows and the she starts taking off her dress. Me as a horny guy, I was already in my bokus (boxers). We’re making out, I take off the bra bikyi bikyi nga I am taking off the chic’s panties, I see a ka Dicko. I am like what the fuck? My horn quickly goes off and put on my pants.” He said.

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According to his narration, the chic apologised and said that she assumed that he would be okay with it because she was born like that – with both a pussy and a dicko.

Our snoops and sexperts, who have been analysing the SMACK vacist’s tale have however concluded that what he saw was not a “ka dicko” like he said but a big marinated super bean.

“That kid was an amateur. The size of the clitoris can go up to 11cm or more depending on different girls. He saw one hell of a clit and mistook it for a penis.” Solomon Katushabe, a sexpert in our news room concluded.

From the cliterature that we have been perusing since the break of the audios, scientists suggest that the sum of the lengths of clitoral body parts is, on average, 9-11cm.

That length, still according to science, is akin to the height of a 12 ounce soda can and incase it has made you curious, the average length of a flaccid penis is 9 cm. It is therefore true that a clitoris, can look like a flaccid “dicko” which the amateur Smackist tells.