A section of District Education Officers (DEOs) have proposed that schools adopt other learning modules where learners are to study in shifts ahead of re-opening.

In the proposal, learners are to study from 9:00 am to midday and another batch from midday to 3:00pm. This, according to them, will enable both finalists and continuing students to utilize the available resources.



“It will also favor schools with better structures and those without, UPE and USE, private and government aided.” A source among the proposers disclosed to The Ugandan Wire.

Furthermore, the section of DEOs also suggested that schools with huge enrolment, transfer some of the students to schools with small numbers, but with better facilities.

Fredrick Kiyingi Kinobe, the general secretary for DEOs, expressed fear that just a few schools will be able to implement the recently set Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for schools.

“The SOPs recommend about 20 students per classroom, but both private and public schools do not have facilities to handle these numbers. That explains why we are recommending studying in shifts,” he showed concern.

However, some DEOs were against the proposed reopening of schools, while others were recommending for a dead year citing that candidates studying for just three weeks of third term is insufficient, yet they had a lot to cover before the final examinations.

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“Allowing students to write examinations means the schools will have produced half-baked candidates. For instance, Biology is wide, but we are saying senior candidates should have exams and yet they covered little of their second year in high school,”Lubuge Kajura, the Nakasongola DEO explained.