As was earlier scheduled, top officials from the Ministry of Education (MoE) on Friday 24th met heads of schools to talk over the re-opening of education institutions.

According to the Secretary of Private Schools’ Committee – Hassadu Kirabira, the Education Ministry showed readiness to hear their complaints.



Among other issues, the meeting observed that children are not safe in their homes as they thought it would be the case, earlier. The meeting observed that in addition to the insecurity of these children, early pregnancies are on the rise.

In attendance of this meeting which was held at State House Entebbe was the Minister of Education – First Lady Janet Museveni, the State Minister of Education i/c Higher Education – Dr. Chrysostom Muyingo, the Permanent Secretary MoE – Alex Kakooza among other officials.

Kirabira further revealed to the press that the Education Ministry affirmed that it would carry out an inspection to evaluate which schools are legible and meet the guidelines for prevention of spreading COVID-19.

“The fundamental question the First Lady was posing is what we are also looking at. Her focus is looking at the risks of children being at home. Even the minister herself thought the children would be safe at home. But indicators are showing they are not. Now the question she is posing is where should the children be safely? They are not safe at school and not safe at home,” Kirabira said.

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The commissioner for private schools, Ismail Mulindwa confirmed the meeting and said they are preparing for the reopening of schools as President Museveni directed in his most recent address to the nation.

From the same meeting, Mr Kakooza (the Permanent Secretary MoE) revealed that he was concluding the review of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as advised by the Health Ministry on what should be observed when re-opening the schools.