As the lockdown has been relaxed, many Tour and Travel companies have come up with different packages for most of us that missed traveling due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a letter dated 16th July 2020, the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) issued out a letter about promotional incetives and initiatives to support tourism recovery.



Some of these included reduced nature walk and hiking fees, one day free park visits and 40% reduced filming and photography fees. This clearly stimulated many travellers to consider visiting their preferred local destinations since it is way cheaper than before.

As a travel freak, I would advise you to travel now before the airport is opened and the fees go up again due to traffic.

A friend of mine who manages a certain lodge in Queen Elizabeth National Park disclosed to me that this is the best time for low budget people to actually travel for less yet enjoy more.

Much as transport charges might hike a bit, considering vehicles will be ordinarily limited to a certain number of people, no one should miss out on this golden opportunity to travel and make memories.

If you plan to travel during this period you need to have the following;

  1. Face masks – as it’s now manadatory to wear one when in public
  2. Sanitizers – different places provide different kids of hand sanitizers but as someone who is so careful about my skin I prefer to carry mine that is maybe small enough to fit in your pocket or cross bag.
  3. Thermometer – all Travel Companies must have a non body contact thermometer to keep measuring the clients’ temperature.
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With the uncertainity and fear hanging over travelling since no one knows when the COVID-19 vaccine will be discovered, we should still embrace the new normal as we observe the health security measures to travel and discover our country Uganda.

Personally, I am excited about the new Aramaga Rift Valley Lodge in Kabarole District. Ohh, and the new Fort Portal Tourism City. I will begin my travels there and give you feed back.