Simon Ssenyonga, a follower of Prophet Elvis Mbonye and defacto deputy of the Prophet has said that the next president of Uganda will be appointed by Mbonye and the Electoral Commission (EC) is waiting for him to declare.

Ssenyonga, a lawyer and former leader of Campus Remnants in Prophet Mbonye’s Zoe Fellowship claims the Man of God controls the narrative of political events in Uganda and will annoint the next president.



Speaking about the state of believers in Uganda, Ssenyonga said the traditional church has failed to claim their power to control the narrative in God’s authority and as such only wait for politicians to declare who become their next leaders.

“That’s why they’re not rich like us. They are not rich like the remnants. They don’t control the narrative. We shall not wait for the Electoral Commission to declare. The EC will only play on the narrative of Prophet Elvis Mbonye.” Ssenyonga said.

He further said that whoever becomes the President of Uganda in 2021 will be appointed and annointed by Prophet Elvis Mbonye.

“There is no man or woman who is seated in that chair or desires to sit in it that will eventually get there without Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s annointing.” The Remnant added.

Joseph Kabuleta, a City Preacher and Activist, who recently expressed interest to run for President is an avid follower of the Prophet and claims that he is the next president of the country.