In Uganda, it is close to 4 full months since the first positive case of coronavirus (COVID-19) was reported.

Since then, the country has registered 893 positive cases, 837 recoveries and 0 deaths. The frontline medical workers have given in their utmost sacrifice to ensure that the pandemic doesn’t blow out of proportion as was seen in Italy, Spain, Brazil and the USA.



Their efforts, however, have been appreciated by a law abiding population that heeded to government calls not to touch soft parts on the body (eyes, nose and mouth), to social distance and sanitize regularly.

“Messages encouraging people to frequently wash their hands with soap and clean water are among those that are disseminated worldwide to combat COVID-19. But what happens when you cannot readily maintain a soap and water unit? Like for arcades and public places?” Dr. Elijah Mukasa wondered.

He says in such scenarios, the best means to control the spread of the virus is to wear masks and distribute genuine and reliable hand sanitizers to kill the virus, if any, instantly.

With the gradual lifting of the lock down in Uganda, sanitizers are going to be a much craved item in the market and both the small scale and large scale buyers of the product must acquire regular and reliable suppliers to quench the need of their population.

“COVID-19 is real, COVID-19 is dangerous. Stay safe. Wash hands, social distance, wear a mask at all times!” Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, the Minister of Health warned recently when it was revealed that the virus killed twice as many people in New York in 3 months as Ebola killed in all of West Africa in the 2014-2016 epidemic.

Full Health and Homecare, understands how important it is to “feel you can rely on your suppliers” during this pandemic.

“This is especially important if your Clinic, Pharmacy, Health Centre or Hospital buys large volumes of Medical Supplies. While other suppliers can take up week to fulfil your order. We offer you our next day delivery promise.” An insider at the Medical Supplies Head Office told The Ugandan Wire.

For every amount you know on the market, they have vowed to beat the price by a staggering 5%.