Sheema Municipality is destined for interesting times ahead of the 2021 Presidential and General Elections. The latest development from the former greater Bushenyi constituency is that a man has offered to give Dicksons Kateshumbwa his wife after the latter donated tonnes of posho to his village.

Kateshumbwa, a former commissioner for Customs in the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) recently resigned from the national tax body under unclear circumstances – some suggesting mismagement of funds.



Almost immediately, the Sheema hailing tax expert, announced intentions to contest for the Sheema Municipality seat and unseat incumbent Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye, the Minister of Science and Technology.

Kateshumbwa, as a way of endearing himself with the electorate, loaded truck fulls of posho from Mandela Millers and distributed to every homestead in the Municipality.

The excited electorate, who had been used to small donations of salt and soap were surprised that someone can distribute tonnes of posho in exchange of just a “vote.”

“He has shown us that he thinks about us when we are suffering. And for that matter, even if he says that he wants my wife, I can give her to him.” One of the electorate was recorded saying.

Kateshumbwa donated 30 tonnes of posho for the homesteads in the Municipality.

Watch the video below;