The National Resistance Movement (NRM) top governing body, the Central Executive Committee (CEC) has failed to reach consensus on their constitutionally provided for mode of party candidates’ selection – lining behind aspirants.

According to our sources within the NRM, the CEC is set to hold another meeting this week to agree on modalities for conducting primary elections after yesterday’s meeting chaired by the Party Chairman President Museveni failed to reach agreement on the matter.



The source of conflict, we have learned, is between whether to follow the NRM Constitution and line up behind candidates during the primaries or forego it and use the secret ballot method.

“One matter is particularly very risky for the electorate and the candidates because to avoid marginalizations, party members may refuse to take part in the process. The other may cause legal implications because it is the one that was constitutionally fronted by the Delegates Assembly. So you can predict the dilemma we are in.” Our source inside the CEC told us.

Accordingly, the CEC is set to meet this week again to find a way forward on the matter. This delay to reach consensus has led to postponement of the launch of the party’s road map for the forthcoming 2021 Presidential and General Elections.