As the world is marking the International Day Against Narcotic Drugs, the Uganda Police has revealed the most notorious drug dealers in the country.

Today, while addressing the press, the Police has identified places in the country “which are very notorious in the dealing and growing of narcotic drugs.



The three most notorious suburbs dealing in drugs in Kampala are Kabalagala, Makindye, and Muyenga while upcountry districts of Busia and Mubende joined Wakiso and Mukono to compose the list of the leading drug growing spots in the country.

“We have a group of foreigners especially Nigerians and Congolese who are actively involved in the sale of drugs.” Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga told The Ugandan Wire.

According to Enanga, Police will intensify operations to crack down on growers and dealers. He further noted that there are new tactics now being used to sell and consume narcotic drugs in Kampala which the Police is investigating to crack down on and rid the nation of the drug cartels.

“We have identified that some drug dealers are moving weight in form of small consumables like sweets. You find young students especially in secondary school and universities feeding on them.” Enanga said.

Police observed that hard drugs like heroine and cocaine are not very common in Uganda. Marijuana is the commonest consumed drug.