Suspended Makerere University Institute of Social Research (MISR) fellow, Dr. Stella Nyanzi has expressed her take on the Electoral Commission’s revised elections’ roadmap that calls for ‘scientific’ campaigns.

Using her social media, the controversial researcher, most famous for stripping naked at Makerere University in protest of her boss Prof. Mahmood Mamdani’s methods of operation, likened the elctoral process to self juicing – masturbation.



Here’s her full address;

For those of us who have enjoyed the ecstasy and pleasure of sex with another person, the nonsensical scientific election campaigns proposed by the biased Electoral Commission are akin to masturbation.

Compared to normal elections, these scientific elections are as productive and pleasurable as masturbation is relative to sex. Like sex, campaigns are interactional. Just like sex, campaigns are two-dimensional. Candidates have social-political intercourse with the voting masses.

The masses copulate with the candidates in orgies of political engagement and ecstasy. Political orgasm is ultimately attained from the give and take of interactive campaigns that inform election decisions. Dictator Museveni has proved through his one-man shows masquerading as COVID-19 presidential addresses that he is the King of Masturbation.

There is nothing as disgustingly pornographic as an aged dictator jerking off before cameras and microphones broadcasting to the entire country. Now, Museveni – King of Masturbation wants to co-opt Uganda’s political elite into massive masturbation broadcast on television, radio and social media.

He deployed the Electoral Commission to try and transform our politicians into his co-masturbators! We must collectively reject the one-manism and masturbatory charade of scientific election campaigns.