Uganda’s oldest political party, the Democratic Party (DP) has opposed a charge set by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) of Shs 2M to verify academic papers of prospective political candidates in the 2021 presidential and general elections.

Mr. Dan Odongo, the UNEB Executive Secretary, in a recent communication, informed all aspiring candidates that those intending to run for Local Government positions have up to 2nd July, 2020 to submit their applications with academic papers certified by NCHE while Parliamentary aspirants were given until 24th August.



The party president general, Hon. Norbert Mao however, describes the process of verification by NCHE as a broad day robbery insisting that it doesn’t correspond to the service offered and is in essence a trick to kick off many potential poor aspirants.

In the August House, Members of Parliament (MPs) yesterday, also protested the move advising that that this will hike the cost of elections “because aspiring candidates for parliamentary and presidential elections are also required to pay Shs 3M and Shs 20m for nominations respectively.”

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