Ugandans in the diaspora are now relieved over a move by the Ugandan government to jet them back through various schedules depending on their locations.

The minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Henry Okello-Oryem assured the press that the process to carry Ugandans back is already on and they’re all expected to land in the latest on 1st of July 2020.



The travel agencies who have been contracted are the Ethiopian Airways and Fly Dubai to swiftly wind up the process as fast as possible. Those landing in this month, are to use the Ethiopian Airways according to the Minister.

He further adds that those in countries that have not been mentioned can still get into a schedule properly organised so as to be brought back home.

He informed the press that the team in Netherlands shall be on the Ugandan soils today by 11:30pm.

“Those jetting in from India are to be carried by Fly Dubai where as the Ethiopian Airways shall be carrying those from the United States of America and Afghanistan. Those in the United Kingdom shall be in by 1st July.” Minister Okello-Oryem said.

The lioness of the fight against the gruesome COVID-19, Hon Ruth Achieng, the Minister of Health has warned that no flight shall set off unless the jets are in full capacity due to accountability issues over the funds provided and she strongly affirms that the ministry is ready to receive the repatriates.

While addressing the nation last night, in his 16th address, President Museveni addressed among other issues, the repatriation of bodies of deceased citizens from abroad.

“COVID-19 is transmitted through respiratory droplets and by contact with contaminated surfaces. Current evidence suggests that dead bodies do not pose increased risk of transmission if handled with the appropriate precautions including ─ use of personal protective equipment including gloves, gowns, aprons and masks, preventing fluid leakage and minimizing manipulation of the bodies.” Museveni said.

The President advised that bodies too be repatriated if they fulfill the following conditions:
• Medical Certificate of Cause of Death;
• Post-mortem report or Comprehensive Medical Report from the attending doctor/health facility;
• Embalming certificate (Embalming may not be done for COVID-19 bodies);
• Copy of passport/identification document of the deceased (The original passport /travel document/identification document to be presented to immigration authorities);
• Import license/import authorization from the Director General of Health Services;
• Appropriate packaging – wrapped in a waterproof body bag then placed in a zinc lined coffin and an outer metal or wooden box.

“The ministries of Health, Foreign Affairs and Internal Affairs, will provide guidance and coordinated mechanisms to implement the repatriation.” He concluded.