President Museveni has applauded and expressed his support for the National Independent Electoral Commission (EC) to go ahead and conduct “scientific” campaigns in preparation for the 2021 Presidential and General Elections.

Speaking at his latest nation address, Museveni said that he was aware that the EC had contacted scientists about the possibility of holding the election without putting the population at mass risk of infection.



“With the politics, the Independent Electoral Commission, in consultation with the scientists, apparently, looked at three options, as far as the General and Local Government Elections that are due for early next year, are concerned. If you eliminate those and messages of the contestants are passed on through the radios, TVs, social media, etc., the gathering for the elections themselves, can be safely managed with hand-washing, social-distancing.” Museveni retaliated.

He said the ECs move will do so much in removing not only the uncertainty that would otherwise have been created by the postponement of the elections but also ensure that elections are held safely.

“I call upon Ugandans to support this option because it can work if all concerned do their assignment diligently.” Museveni said.

Earlier this morning, People Power leader Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine) rubbished the mode of campaign alleging that President Museveni is afraid of the population and doesn’t want to face it in open campaigns.

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“As you all recall, there was no coronavirus when our consultations were blocked. There was no coronavirus when Museveni personally ordered the blocking of our music shows. What Museveni fears is the people. He was hiding behind the Public Order Management Act and now he’s hiding under COVID19 to block us from reaching the people. Therefore, there is nothing like a scientific election.” Bobi Wine said.