President Museveni has extended the ban on operation of passenger carrying Boda Boda cyclists even after the latter innovated glass shields to separate riders from passengers.

Addressing the nation from State House Nakasero, President Museveni acknowledged receipt of appeals from various stakeholders asking him to allow operation of Boda Bodas (in carrying not just goods, but passengers too.)



“They said Boda Bodas reach deep where taxis cannot reach. But that is the whole point of refusing them. We don’t want them to reach into the population that deep. They will spread the virus.” Museveni said.

A section of Boda Boda operators, ahead of the President’s address, paraded reformed motorcycles with refined glass shields that separate passengers from the riders and appealed to government to let the operate.

All that however, has fallen into deaf ears as the government insists that the riders and the population are safer without them on the road.

As a new innovation however, President Museveni allowed private vehicles to now carry a 4th passenger. An adjustment from the initial three that the government had earlier recommended.