“2020 is a cursed year, problem pon problem pon problem” They said. “But in 2020, we are righting all wrongs.” They didn’t say.

King’s College Budo, arguably the most sought after secodary school in Uganda and a most prestigious institution of learning is sitted on a stove at the moment and feeling heat ignited by none other than her own old students.



Old Girls of the school, fondly referred to as Budonians (general term for all old students, girls and boys alike) have said enough is enough and demand to see drastic changes in the over 100 year old secondary school in Uganda.

Recalling scenarios and instances of what they termed as ‘gross misogyny’, ‘stinking patriachy’ and ‘glaring apologists’ in form of teachers, administrators, and fellow students, the girls have finally acknowledged that the wrongs going on in the school cannot go unannounced anymore.

“6 years of being a Budo girl, you had no choice but to become an impenetrable wall of self esteem and confidence with the capacity to persevere all circumstances. So we became!” Tracy Rubondo, an old girl of the school said on Twitter.

“In 2014, in our General Paper class in the dinning hall, we had a guest lecturer the late Ketura. She asked questions, all questions came from boys. Then she went like “my girls do you have any questions?” Luyimbazi Humphrey said, girls are stupid!” Another old student, Tracy Nabaale recalled a time at the school.

From normalised sexual harassment in form of groping girls, calling them mean things and ashaming them, getting better treatment and attention from teachers and administrators, the boys at the school are the King’s of the institution.

“I loved Budo as a school, but the people in there were some of the worst. Two kinds of people really suffered at Budo: broke, poor, “lower-class” kids (a story for another day), and girls. Girls really had an awful time at this school.” Solomon Benge, an old boy of the school intimated.

Another user, Deity Byarugaba, having gone through all those experiences by students from the school concluded the school normalized undervaluing girls and treating them like they irrelevant which explains why most Budo boys disrespect girls. She concluded that the problem is for the school administration and needs to be addressed immediately.

“My young brother aced his O-level exams & was offered a place in Budo for his A-level. He declined because he didn’t like how boys in Budo had to treat girls just to fit in with their peers. I was in (St. Lawrence) Creamland (Campus) & heard Budo guys brag about this culture.” Paul Atwine, another social media user weighed in.

With some of those horrific revelations and more, we await the administration’s step. Will they act, or bury their heads in the sand, like they’ve always done?

King’s College Budo is located on Naggalabi Hill, in southern Wakiso District, off the Kampala-Masaka Road. The school’s actual location lies approximately 14 kilometres (8.7 mi), by road, southwest of the central business district of Kampala, according to Wikipedia.

It was founded on March 29th, 1906, making it one of the oldest schools in Uganda.