The Ministry if Health, in response to city socialite Bad Black’s notice of intention to sue, have clarified their position about their agreement with the self proclaimed sex worker to alert the boarder communities about the dangers of associating with truck drivers in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yesterday, Ms. Shanita Namuyimbwa (Bad Black) circulated videos and notices claiming that she intends to sue the Ministry of Health and its Partners UNICEF and WHO. She attached President Museveni in the letters.



From the same letter, authored by Musangala Advocates and Solicitors, Bad Black and Precision Media (the media company that took up the campaign) made an oral agreement that they would organize for her a visit to President Museveni with whom she would discuss the amounts of the advert and payment.

She in turn claimed a total of 550M for her inconvenience broken down into 500M for the job and 50M as damages. The Ministry of Health however, insists that there was no payment promised to her and she did the work voluntarily.

“Following the call by H.E the President to the general public to donate or provide free services towards the prevention of COVID-19, a number of companies came out to support the Ministry of Health with some offering a number of items while others supporting in terms of the services they offer. It is therefore against this background that Precision Communications Consulting Limited came out and donated Media Production services to the Ministry of Health under close supervision of the Ministry of Health. All content and messaging was cleared by the Ministry of Health.” The Ministry said in a statement today.

They added that as such, Precision Communications Consulting Limited ‘approached various key personalities who voluntarily recorded messages as a way of giving back to their country in this COVID-19 fight, among whom was Bad Black.’

“All these individuals were requested to voluntarily participate, and they consented before any recording was made. Bad Black, in particular consented to record a message that was appealing to her colleagues who were at risk of contracting COVID-19, and would thus spread it to other members of the community.” The Ministry further said.

They emphasised that the arrangement was solely on voluntary terms and
no contractual or financial obligations were attached to any of the personalities including Bad Black. They further communicated that Bad Black’s message stopped airing on June 10th.

“The messages sent out by Bad Black tantamount to blackmail since no contractual obligations were made between herself and government.” They concluded.