James Mubiru, a People Power MP aspirant for Lubaga North has condemned the actions of city socialite and motor- mouth Frank Gashumba and comments towards Buganda Kingdom Premier Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga.

Gashumba, using several channels, attacked Mayiga claiming that he is not worthy to be the Buganda Katikkiro because he is just money minded and fraudulent.



The CEO of Sisimuka Uganda, further hit at Mayiga saying that with all the money he collected from etofaali and government, he has still failed to complete the construction of the Masiro (Buganda Royal Tombs).

“By the time Mayiga leaves that office, he will have failed the Kabaka and Buganda in many areas. For me, in Buganda, it’s only the king (Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II) I can not scrutinize. He is the only genuine person in that government.” Gashumba is quoted to have said.

Gashumba’s statements came after the Katikiro, who while addressing Buganda warned them not to be misled by a “fraudster” who keeps attacking the Mengo administration.

“I want to warn the people of Buganda not to be misled by some fraudster, he was arrested on fraudulent offences, put in handcuffs and had his shoes removed before being remanded to Luzira Prison. Now which advise can such a man give me? I saw him on social media attacking me, just ignore him.” Peter Mayiga said.

It is from that background that Mr Mubiru asserts that Gashumba acted ultra-vires and gave him a 2 days ultimatum to come out and apologize over what he termed as “secretarian” acts towards the Buganda Kingdom.

“As far as Uganda and Buganda is concerned. I will not associate with anyone who disrespects the Shadow of His Highness the Kabaka of Buganda.” Mubiru told our reporter.

He noted that the Kingdom may have her challenges but insisted that, that doesn’t permit “a foreigner” to take advantage of it.

“I also recognize the disclaimer of the Rwandan Representative in Buganda who was appointed by his Highness Joseph Rwigema. He came out on behalf of the people of Rwanda in Uganda to disassociate with Frank Gashumba characters.” Mubiru added.

“We have given him 2 days to apologize to Uganda, Buganda and Owek Charles Peter Mayiga.”

His ultimatum comes days after MP Lutamaguzi of Nakaseke’s address also seeking an apology from Mr Gashumba over the same issue.