Tracy Kyasiimire is a national treasure, no doubt. With hundreds of followers and fans online, the commercial model cum business woman, has turned heads from the capital in Kampala to the far ends of the boarder with South Sudan.

At just 24 years, Ms Kyasiimire, more fondly known as Treyc Tash, is a brand and trend setter in the modelling industry of Uganda. She brings out the highly craved full bootylicious African woman that mainstream modelling doesn’t front as much.



She pursued a Bachelors degree in Accounting and Finance at Banda based Kyambogo University and graduated in December 2018. She then officially started her hustle as a model and small business owner in Uganda’s land of opportunities – Kampala.

The voluptuous lady you see now however, is not what her friends and associates could imagine some five years ago, while she was a first year student in Banda.

“Tracy was thin. Granted, she was beautiful. She has always been beautiful but she was super thin. Compared to what she looks like now, my oh my.” A former classmate of the model told our reporter.

According to our sources, she started experiencing these drastic changes for the better (or best) in her second year at campus when she entered a stable relationship with her boyfriend then, a Kyambogo student at the time too. A relationship that has since ended in tears.

“In a space of months, the small slender girl I knew had turned super sexy and chubby. I don’t know what she ate, but whatever it is, I want some of it.” Our source further intimated to us.

The moment she started some ka flesh, we’re told, she didn’t look back. What you see now, is a product of dedication and consistency to whatever she does to ensure that has you licking those lips whenever you see her pictures.

“She made it. We need her recipe but while she is thinking about sharing that with us all, we would like her to know that she’s killing it. We love her new appearance. Whenever I see you bloggers praising her, deep down I feel good for just sharing a class with her at one time.” Kyasiimire’s former classmate told our reporter.

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Surprisingly, for all the feat she has achieved in modelling, Treyc Tash has never trained in modelling. She just does her thing, and as it turns out, “her thing is greater than many people’s.”

“I did not go to modelling school or training. I guess mine is just a natural thing and easy to relate with by all people out there.” She said in one of her interviews.

Blessed with a dark skin complexion, she had to go beyond existing stereotypes in the industry to prove that you can still be big in fashion and modelling when you’re not slim or light skinned.

As you may expect, her new appearance has its cons too. One of them is stalkers. She is never comfortable discussing her experiences with stalkers but when she says they’re many, you believe her without question.

You’ve probably also seen her on “Hip and Bum Enlargement” adverts especially on Facebook. She didn’t authorize any of that and she grew tired of complaining about it without any satisfactory measure to rectify it.

The price of beauty/fame? Tracy is a cosmetics shop owner and operates in Ntinda. She is living a modest life where, from her hustle she is able to fend for herself and those that matter to her.

Treyc Tash has been ranked among the Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls on Ugandan Social Media by our expert analysts. Infact, she made it to the Top 5. Her journey has just began.