President Museveni, in his address to the nation today, has revealed that he rejected a salary increment by the Ministry of Public Service because Uganda is a poor country.

The President donated half his salary to the COVID-19 Task Force for the next six months and had his wife, Hon. Janet Kataaha Museveni the Minister of Education and Sports, deliver the cheque to the task force.



“The Ministry of Public Service contacted me and offered to increase my salary because I am told other presidents earn more but I refused because Uganda is a very poor country.” Museveni revealed.

The president also reminded Ugandans that before 1996 when the president’s salary was increased to Shs 3.6M a month, he used to earn a meagre Shs 150,000 a month (1986 – 1996)

From his monthly salary, Museveni revealed that 1.4M will go to the COVID-19 taskforce for the next 6 months while 700,000= goes to his party, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) per month. The rest, according to him, is taken by his wife.

“You remember your people normally pay me some little money. They pay me Ush 3.6 million ($947). NRM takes about 20 per cent. On the other remaining Ush 2.7 million ($710), I will instruct Janet to sign Ushs1.4 million ($368) each month to the fund. Janet is the one who receives that money. I never follow up on that,” Mr Museveni said.

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He said he was sorry that his lovely wife would not see more of that money for the six months.