Last week has been so eventfull with different celebrities dragging each other and revealing their ugly pasts leaving their fans doubting their loyalties irrespectives of positions they hold in the community.

From Frank Gashumba exchanging bitter words with the Katikiiro of Buganda Peter Mayiga to NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe being dragged by former TV presenter Justine Nameere for failing fellow TV presenters’ relationships.



In a long post Justine Nameere posted on her social media, she reveals how Faridah Nakazibwe’s Divorced husband Ssali Umar used fake Facebook accounts in her name to con himself and later told his then wife that Justine was after him. According to Justine , all these allegations were proved in the High Court and it’s not hearsay.

A very hurt Justine Nameere also revealed how Nakazibwe later found out her husband had duped her and asked Justine Nameere to forgive her, something Justine wants her to do publicly same way Faridah shamed her on Facebook.

She also revealed how Faridah almost made Flavia Tumusime divorce a 3 months baby she was carrying for her hubby Kabuura Andrew.