Saturdays during the lockdown may be boring and y’all could have just woken up, but with us in your faces, rub the word boring out of your vocabulary.

If you’re a social media user and happen to be on Twitter, heck even if you’re not – you should know these guys. Arthur Musinguzi (@digitaldidan) and Faisal Ssesanga alias Pyepar (@PyeparFaisal) have been in our faces for more than a decade perhaps. Cracking jokes each day.



They’re not comedians, they’re just humorous guys gifted with the art of keeping their followers waiting on their next tweet. We are battling them today, across different subjects/angles until we get an ultimate winner.


Now, both being influencers, numbers mean a lot to them. Before a Twitter purge sometime in 2018, these two were at the top of their game. Their tweets would collect hundreds of Retweets and Likes in minutes. Twitter management put their accounts down but not their characters, we guess.

In a space of just two years, Arthur has collected more than 29,500 followers while Pyepar currently stands at just 50 less of 18,000. Yeah, we already have a winner for this segment.

Arthur 62% Pyepar 38%


Using the background above, it is no doubt that these two are both ultimate hustlers. Why? Some of you joined Twitter in 2006 and barely have 100 followers. They grew accounts to more than 40K followers before, had them suspended and created new ones, and they’ll still clock 40K before you record your 100th.

But that isn’t the hustle we’re talking about here. What do they do? How are their earnings?

Well, these are not your average influencers. They don’t survive on 50K per gig. They have jobs and influencing is just a side gig. You saw what we did, right?

Arthur is a Communications Executive at the Uganda Media Centre. He was so good, Ofwono Opondo booked him even before he formally finished campus. When he graduated (around 2017 or 2018), he already had a job at the Media Centre. Mans may not understand that after campus hustle.

Pyepar on the other hand is also a Communications Executive at Naguru Skyz Hotel. He is the face of the multi-billion hotel franchise of Ugandan Tycoon Patrick Bitature. Being the hustler he is, Pyepar also lined himself a job at NTV and is a panelist on their weekly show NTV Men.

Arthur 45% Pyepar 55%


Eventuarry! This section, even our writers were waiting eagerly to give opinions. Now, Arthur has a girlfriend. Even guys that joined Twitter yesterday, know he is so in love – Charlotte Atim’s name is written on his forehead. So we won’t waste our time there.

Pyepar on the other hand, we don’t know anything. Plainly. Our snoops have outsourced uncomfirmed rumours that he is madly in love with a top city lawyer and feminist (ironic, right?) but we can’t verify that.

The information we can believe is that after a long day of work, Pyepar retires to his White Star bar of soap and his Maltese dog. A dog may give excellent company, but it is not a girlfriend Pyepar.

Pyepar is so single he has time to log onto his dog’s account and tweet;

“My owner is amazing, I love him so much.”

Then log in onto his own account and respond to the tweet with;

“Awww Pablito. Come I give you some more milk.”

Arthur 98% Pyepar 02%


Hehehe, you thought we were done Pyepar? You really thought we were done? Now, both these gentlemen have attended the oldest (and we should add, most prestigious) university in Uganda.

Arthur, like we’ve noted before, graduated with a bachelors degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHUSS). What’s more? He was retained as a visiting lecturer, taking Journalism students through the concept of Digital Marketing.

Pyepar wabwe, was admitted to the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT) for what our snoops say is a degree in Telecom Engineering.

After chasing the degree for more than 7 years, he finally bid bye to the university. Inside sources at CEDAT say there is a lecturer that doesn’t like his guts online and assumes he’s too unserious to pass his exam. The last three years saw Pyepar registering missing marks everytime results were out until he finally gave up. We understand, at the moment, he is pursuing a course in Digital Marketing at Victoria University.

For his no giving up attitude at Tech School (he later gave up, yes! But it is Tech guys), we shall give Pyepar this.

Arthur 48% Pyepar 52%


English is not our mother tongue, but if I am from Kabale and you’re from Kampala, the easiest way to understand each other is using the English medium.

Arthur is like Prime Minister Rugunda, he knows the language. Super well, but the accent refused. They were right to say you can take a man away from Kabale, but you can never take the Kabale out of him. That’s Arthur for you, a true son of the soil.

Pyepar, on the other hand, must have attended only Kampala schools. Why are we even stressing, you watch NTV Men. You know what we’re talking about.

Arthur 21% Pyepar 79%

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Arthur: 54.8% (WINNER) Pyepar: 45.2%