Capital FM presenter and host of the station’s popular Breakfast Show, Lucky Mbabazi has said women must endeavour to always get out of bed before their husbands.

Using her social media, the smily co-host of former Big Brother contestant Gaetano Kaggwa insinuated that lazy women whose husbands leave out of bed are not as “real” as it takes.



“A real woman should always wake up before her man does.” Ms Mbabazi said.

Her statement, as expected, attracted a lot of backlash as users on social media interpreted her statements to liken women with horses and that they have to do most of the work before their ‘kings’ get out of bed.

“This nyokery of a real woman does this and that should stop. Most African woman deprive themselves of happiness all in the name of pleasing good for nothing men.” Zai Malaika immediately fired back.

By press time, Ms Mbabazi had not said anything to justify or take back her earlier statement.

Lucky Mbabazi is married to sports commentator and media personality Patrick Kanyomozi and the couple have children.