The president of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has partially opened up the country after 45 days of lockdown due to the world wide pandemic of COVID-19.

In a televised address from State House Nakasero, the president said the initial 45 days of lockdown were to help the country understand the problem at hand and devise means to tackle it.



“You cannot refuse to sleep for the fear of having a bad dream” President Museveni said.

Consequently, Mr Museveni has announced that measures to open up the nation ‘slowly’ are in place.

The government has allowed whole sellers, mechanic workshops, metal and wood workshops among others. The president has also allowed the Uganda Law Society (ULS) to have some 30 lawyers readily available to ensure that immediate legal services such as court arraignment to go on.

“We shall allow restaurants to operate but with takeaways only. We shall not allow people to sit in the restaurants and eat.” President Museveni said.

President Museveni emphasised that the government hasn’t yet considered it evident to open schools, public and private means of transport because they’re still capable areas for concentration of the coronavirus.

The government has also encouraged Ugandans to start wearing masks whenever they’re going outside. He said these masks are produced by NYTIL in very large quantities at the moment.

“The virus cannot survive by itself, and as such, Ugandans should wear masks to prevent themselves from being the much needed carriers by these viruses.”