Reports we have received from an insider in the government suggest that President Museveni and team are devising means to ease the lockdown process as they moot means of returning the country to normal business.

In his series of televised addresses, President Museveni suspended public gatherings and later public transport in a total lockdown move that has seen Uganda contain the widespread of the novel coronavirus.



Exclusive information coming in however suggests that the government is considering opening up the transport sector again and allow a section of people, in isolated work places, to return to work.

The above is going to be handled with strict measures to ensure a level of social distancing even within the cars and buses.

“The idea is to ensure people wear masks and are one passenger apart inside the means of transport. We believe this will open up the nation abit as we look forward to completely containing the virus fully opening up the country.” Our Source said.

Schools on the other hand, will remain closed until such a time that they will be considered safe.

“For schools, it is different. We can’t open them up because it is hard to ensure the set guidelines are followed. Most schools are suffering lack of space and our guidelines are calling for social distance within.” Our Source further said.