By Mukisa Bruno

Not long ago, the government announced that schools and churches would be closed for a whole month. Nuptials, events, places and any occasions that gathered large crowds would later follow this exact path.



It was most unthought of, how life would be in a month where social festivities cease and spots people convened to have fun and overcome a day’s stress would be shut down.

Most of us for the first time were convicted with similar verdict; of staying home and assigned the same habitual obligation of washing our hands.

Soon after, public transport would be banned and many a people’s eyes were opened to the benefit of owning a private car. Unfortunately, this was also restricted, businesses shut and labour cut to evade avoidable expenditures.

Most businesses must have realized that it is feasible operating without certain human resource and that some employees can actually multitask. Religiously, a number of synagogues have discovered the importance of televangelism, social media and the congregants, the intended significance of fellowship.

It has been weeks ever since the learners returned home, with many doubtful of what awaits them upon commencement of studies. Landlords are unsure of how to handle the tenants with monthly arrears that have accumulated over time. There is also a presidential command that you cannot evict them.

When averagely perceived, the crisis has treated most of the population the same. In the event of all these edicts, homebodies do not seem to be bothered by the directive of staying home including those that were previously under curfew.

Such a situation presents us with windfalls as well. With many men of renown, they seemed to have become more involved on social media and discovered the worth of relating with their fans beyond music. Likewise, except one is limited by data bundles, airtime and text messages, most people have admitted how valuable it is to engage friends and maintain communication because to be a loner is a process otherwise it gets extremely frustrating and boring. However, none of that was the primary focus in this article but rather about personal introspection, and discovering who we truly are and why we inhabit the earth.

Since most of us are not in a rush to catch up with mates or brandish appointments, we have so much time to ourselves firstly to reflect on the choices that we once made about life. During this time, we must have already noticed which engagements in life were fundamental and ones that were never paramount and can therefore be avoided. None of us wishes to return to the same cycle of abuse of privilege such as the life that we possess. For some, it could be relationships or friendships that were actually not necessary that we now need to deal away with.

If we all deliberately sat ourselves down to reconsider what life truly means and put thought to why we existed in the first place, life would be a series of well-thought out decisions because that is what it is; a reflection of the decisions we made. When we search out for the returns from the decisions we invested in initially, we discover that there was never true value obtained. We need to become more deliberate in getting rid of these excess burdens that subtly weigh us down. Living a fulfilled life without having to settle for things that devalue us is a possibility.

The Lord one-time said that the reason He came was that we may have life in great abundance. He strongly desires us to be happy with a knowing of why we were put on this earth. Eventually, we will come to the understanding that there is much more to life than debauchery and yielding to the demands of our lusts.

We all have got this unique treasure within us, when you find yours, you’ll see just how much worth you kept hidden in insignificant ambitions. To the genuine seekers of the purpose of existence, it is rewarding to walk in your preordained path of life, and therein lies true prosperity in all life’s aspects.

In case you hold doubts, we always have a sure example; behold the remnants.

The writer is a Poet and a Remnant with Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s weekly Zoe Fellowship.