At the beginning of the other week, I discussed my Murchison Falls National Park experience with the big cats. On Saturday, during the Easter weekend, I gave us a sneak-peek into the variety of fauna that is at the National Park and this article today is the last in the series of my Murchison Falls tour.

Needless to note again, is that a nature tour is never fun without friends, unless it is your honeymoon.



But the point is that to enjoy the beauty that our blessed country provides, you’ll need company and would never enjoy alone. A group of friends always does it for me, because trust me, there are sights you cannot afford to see alone. You need someone to corroborate your tales about your experience with nature.

The most beautiful part of Murchison Falls National Park is the falls themselves. Enroute to the falls (that are locally called Kabaleega Falls – after the legendary Bunyoro King Omukama Kabaleega), my friends and I – together with our tour guides (Q Safaris Africa), took a boat drive but the boat experience was for another day.

We hiked for about an hour from where the boat dropped us to the top of the world’s most spectacular waterfalls, maybe after the Victoria falls. From a distance, it looks like just large volumes of water at a very high speed falling from a cliff but when you get a top, the sights and sound of the falls and the surrounding areas is as heavenly as the art that makes it.

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While on top, one can see the mirror like smoothness of the Nile water and in a few metres, the turbulence begins hence the dramatic falls. The calm water bisects into two, one becomes the Murchison falls while the other forms the Uhuru falls.

The sight there on top, how the water separates and forms two falls, is one that I could watch all day and night. The best view of the falls was below the Devil’s Cauldron which is the space next to the falls. The one which gives you a sight of the water flowing from up, falling onto the rocks at a very high speed and splashes bouncing back to you, showering you.

The permanent rainbow at this point comes in just handy! The rainbow is created as the water splashes back up. By far, the most breathtaking experience I have ever had. We literally wanted to stay here enjoying free showers and beautiful sights.

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