Murchison Falls National Park (MFNP) is not just about rapid waters falling over steep rocky surfaces. It is more than that, infact much more than that.

There is a section where you get to enjoy the world famous River Nile at its calmest. At a record 6,650 km (4,130 miles), River Nile is the longest river in Africa and the world.



When I shared my experiences of the park at the beginning of the week with Q Safaris Africa, I majorly focused on the big cats, Lions. But was that the only activity we had? Definitely not.

My friends and I also went for a boat drive and the freshness of the river waters and its smoothness relaxed my body and mind more than sleep had been doing in the past months.

I will not discuss the flora today, but the fauna of MFNP can never be exhausted. While on the boat, we saw buffaloes in water cooling their bodies and several other herds in the grassland, crocodiles and hippos swimming and birds flooded on the sand banks.

Inside the park, God allows your time to pause. For moments, you’ll feel everything come to a stand still and only feel and hear the wonderful sounds from the diversity of animals in the park and the thrilling waterfall sounds. I don’t know how to properly describe that feeling, please pardon me.

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When you take the boat drive, for lack of a better description, you become a soaring eagle. You get to see perhaps every animal life in the park because the river is the heart of their operations. Drinking, cooling off, hunting are among the several animal practices that happen on the river banks.

We saw birds like the Malachite King Fisher, the African Fish Eagle, the African Jacana among a stream of species that Dickens talked to us about. Dickens is a former game ranger turned tour guide, and boy does he know everything.

We also saw and came up close with a crocodile resting under the tree and our guide Dickens, said that it was a female resting on top of a hole where it keeps its eggs for 85 days until they hatch.

It was a 2 hours boat drive until we reached a rock where we could see the falls from the closest distance they will permit, for your won safety. This is the point I will resume from next week.