There are so many beautiful girls in Uganda and most of them are on social media. If you were to rank the top 100, you’d be spoilt for choice. That is why we shall rank Twitter today. Facebook and Instagram, maybe another day!

Ugandans on Twitter carry a sense of class with them, they are more informed (because the news these days gets on Twitter faster) and are self styled teachers of English. They will not allow the grammatical errors we see everyday from Sesabat and his Facebook boys pass them.



Today, we bring you the Top 10 Hottest Girls on Jack Dorsey’s app. Take a look and give us feedback.

10. Nyuf Girl

This one, one snoops are still trying to figure out what her real name is, but is she hot? Definitely, and that is why she features.

Nyuf Girl is an upcoming make-up artist and really playful online. If you’re a consistent social media user, you must have bumped into her somewhere.

9. Britah Nuwamanya (@britahnuwamanya)

Little known online but really stunning. She is among the beautiful and confident Ugandan girls that have taken part in the No Rush Challenge, not just once but twice or more and that tells you something.

Our snoops say the last time they encountered her, she was at Nakawa based Makerere University Business School (MUBS). We are not sure if she is still there, and oh, she is also a make-up artist.

8. Lynette Awat (@LynetteA10)

A 2020 graduate of Makerere University, Awat is an eye roller. She is the kind you’ll meet in public, feel intimidated by her presence and let her pass but feel a strong urge to turn around and examine her.

Because you fear embarassing yourself, you’ll roll your eyes so much, you will risk getting cross eyed in the process.

7. Tracy Kyasiimire (@treyc_tasha)

A socialite and model, Treyc Tash has had heads turning everyday that she logins in on the app. She is so thick, we’re told her boyfriend is always faced with a dilemma of what body parts to give attention.

Our snoops have intimated to us that there are sections of her bootylicious body that even her own boyfriend has never explored. The recent graduate from Kyambogo University is a self styled model, brand ambassador and business woman with a string of businesses around Kampala.

6. Erica Ainomugisha (@Scarlet_Erica_)

Classy, sassy, beautiful and several other terms to mean extraordinarily cute are some of the words that can best describe Ms Ainomugisha.

She is a lawyer, currently undergoing her postgraduate bar course in Kampala and we’re told that she turns heads of students, lecturers and non-teaching staff alike.

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Class attracts class, so if you expect to find her in your usual bars my brother, take a chill pill.

5. Yvette Ninkugizamukama (@yvette_ninku)

Some of you think feminists are just bitter girls without enough attention from the opposite sex. Well, update that, some may be ‘angry feminists’ because of the never ending attention from men that leads them to carefully identify all their flaws.

This girl is amazingly pretty and you don’t have to agree with us. Our thermometre recorded over 200°F when we put her up for measure and that is abnormally hot, if you ask us.

4. Jan Mukiibi (@janmukiibi)

Based in the UK, Ms Mukiibi is a real head turner. Nowonder she was Miss Uganda, United Kingdom.

She is a medical student in the UK, who according to her profile is into charitable work and philanthropy. When she is not doing that, she is on social media serving girlfriend goals to Ugandan men whose only reaction is to lick their lips because they can’t imagine themselves with her.

3. Gloria Mulungi – Baby Gloria (@babygloriamusic)

You might remember her from her celebrity days as a toddler singer. She recently came of age and my God, what a snack!

Baby Gloria, as she is popularly known is still a brand ambassador for Movit and is now more of a humanitarian and social media slay queen than a singer.

Like Bow Wow and other child singers, she has a great music career behind her at the moment. We pray she finds form again.

2. Daphne Kayondo (@daphne_kayondo)

Model, tour and travel advisor, sleek mami. Ms Kayondo is as jolly as all beautiful girls come.

Having graduated in Aviation in September last year, the brown skinned girl is properly establishing herself as a travelpreneur. And who wouldn’t want to tour with such a beauty?

  1. Michelle Rutagye (@michellerutagye)

And finally, the fairest on the stweets. Rutagye is not your typical drama queen on the app and unless you know her personally, you’ll never even notice her presence.

Completely reserved and down to earth, she has been silently burning tweeps for as long as she has been on the app. One particular tweep, name withheld, said this about her: “I know her from her days at Namagunga, I think I was in S.4 then in 2014. She was so hot, I approached her and ran out of words to say. I have never forgiven myself since then.”

Just incase you’re wondering why your WCW didn’t make the cut, there is a very thin line between women and girls. It is what guided this thorough research!