As the world is busy trying to curb COVID-19 Pandemic, Music Producer and Singer Daddy Andre is busy trying to get a balanced diet while in Quarantine by calling up female artists to work with him in a studio that is in his bedroom.

According to claims from about four female singers now, he calls them with an intention of munching their delicacies because he is always uncontrollably horny.



The female artists have so far come out boldly to confess their disappointment towards him and narrated how he would send them ‘x-rated’ messages begging them to come and visit him and how he lustfully wants to investigate their marinated ‘thumbies’

One of the screenshots that a singer released.

Yesterday another Belgium singer called Ayahnash also pinned Daddy Andre for sexual abuse. Ayahnash claimed that she was brutally harassed by Daddy Andre when she came to Uganda and wanted to record a song at his Studio but instead the man ended up turning violent and wanted to chew her Phunami.

His close friends also revealed to our snoops that Daddy Andre’s sexual appetite has been abnormal for the past few weeks. He always wanted to lubricate Nadia Rania’s southern hemisphere but was still failing.

Nadia Rania is also a Ugandan music artist crying out loud. He also begs for half nude photos from female artists so that he can hurl Kasabuni on himself while alone in bed.

Daddy Andre has however vowed to drag all the 4 women tainting his image with bad accusation to court.

Yellow thighed Amber Christ Movie one of the artists Daddy Andre is begging