Esther Birungi, from the Saleh saga during 2019 Christmas has advised women to shoot their shots if they like a man.

Appearing today on Urban TV, the Uganda Christian University (UCU) law student told women to consider changing the trend and start shooting their shots because she carefully chooses her men too and has asked all of them out the first time.



“I am actually pro women shooting their shots. If you like a guy, tell him, you’re not gonna die. You won’t die.” Ms Birungi said on air.

She further encouraged women to ask guys out on dates and even go a step further to clear the bill on the date.

“Just be like, ‘Eddie, hi, I like you. Can we go out on a date? Bills on me.’ It is that simple.” Birungi further said.

Esther Birungi is a liberal feminist and Women’s Activist Director at Nurture the Girl Child Uganda.

She was appearing on Urban TV’s Morning Show along with her boyfriend Eddie Pages to discuss Social Media relationships.