Twitter couple, Eddie Pages and Esther Birungi (The Pages) could be plucked out of their book of love if the man in the relationship continues to display “Love Nigga” antics in a world of hungry hyenas.

Appearing today on Urban TV’s morning show “Urban Today” the lovebirds discussed the ups and downs of a social media relationship that came out some time last year when self proclaimed ‘future president of Uganda’ and renown ‘ssemyekezo’ President Saleh called Esther Birungi out for allegedly aborting all his kids.



Derrick Aine, the show host, allowed Mr Pages a moment to proclaim love to his girlfriend by proposing to her infront of the whole world, something that Ms Birungi herself was in full support of.

“Kneel down. If you’re so serious about me.” A blushing Birungi asked Pages who was using excuses of ‘no ring’ to dodge the moment, yet the show host had offered to buy him a ring for the moment.

“Baby, lol” is all the photographer could squeeze out of his mouth at the moment, aside from repeated “no.”