Construction has been seen by most Ugandans as the most expensive venture to invest in and has been left to high end earners and major dealers who ought to accumulate over 50 millions at ago on each deal they crack. 

However, this myth has to be demystified because even a person who earns between 700,000 to 1,000,000 has the capacity set up his/her own house once a “plot of land is acquired.”



Today we going to break down the cost of setting up an average person’s 2 bedroom house with all the amenities including a master bedroom with showers and a toilet, tiled floors, kitchen, dinning room, sitting room, balconies and one major bathroom and toilet. This will be based on the minimum rates of construction around town.

Without forgetting the fact that to start the construction, you need to be having approved drawings from a reputable architect and local authorities to proceed with site clearance. 

When building a normal 2 bedroom bangaroo, all you need is a proper type of foundation which we shall take as strip foundation and the cost of excavating such kind of foundation could go as low as ugx 7,000 per cubic meter.

In some cases where you find that a place is sort of socked and water logged, you might probably need hardcore which is about ugx 65,000 per cubic meter.

A proper backfill material ie well graded murrum could as well be a requirement if at all the excavated soils from the foundation are not suitable for backill as identified by your engineer. Around Wakiso the cost of murrum per cubic meter could be between Shs 25,000 – Shs 30,000 delivered to site.

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For whether to use concrete blocks or bricks, we shall consider using well burnt clay bricks which are around Shs 380 (including transport). Blocks could go as far as Shs 3,300 depending on the size.

Apparently a bag of cement (Pozzolana Tororo cement CEM IV) is around Shs 26,000 depending on where you get it from. However, if you opt to use ordinary Portland cement, this could go as far as Shs 41,000 being the strongest cement among other Portland cement. This cement can be used both on brick work and plastering as well as concrete works. The price of sand is around ugx 70,000 per cubic meter.

On roofing, you may need 4×2” timber pieces which you will use as parlins and rafters and apparently the cost of each timber is around Shs 7000 (for Kalitusi/eucalyptus) and Shs 8,000 for pine. Roofing galvanized iron sheets (versatile) are around Shs 60,000 – 28 gauge.

For finishes that may include paint, tiles, doors and windows, wc pans, showers, kitchen fittings, a square meter of floor tiles is around Shs 44,000, wall tiles go up to 30,000 per square meter. Premium quality Emulsion paint with a fashionable silky finish which is extremely tough and washable is between Shs 20,000 to 58,000 depending on the number of litres you are to purchase.

For other fittings, a wash hand basin is around Shs 80,000, sit toilet at around Shs 250,000.

More of the construction material details shall be shared in a more detailed story where we shall provide full architectural design for a 2 bedroom house. You can as well buy your construction materials online on