Enough is enough! Women on social media platform, Twitter, have dedicated the greater part of today evening to call out individuals, especially men, who have been making unfunny jokes about using wet towels to wash away particular girls’ beauty.

Led by Esther Birungi, a UCU law student, herself a victim of the vice, the women insisted that men should let women feel comfortable with whatever they choose to do with their faces.



“I’m absolutely no stranger to makeup shaming. Some people will criticize literally everything about you. Most women wear makeup for themselves, not to impress anyone – to feel good internally. Has it then become a crime for a woman to want to feel beautiful?” Birungi said in a tweet.

She went ahead to call upon all ladies to post their pictures with make up, so as to shame the ‘wet towel’ brigade that was coming at everyone who posted their make up photos.

“I’m not siding with makeup but rather saying women are beautiful either way. If makeup builds my confidence then I shouldn’t be judged for it.” Birungi further said.

The hashtag (#EndMakeUpShaming) which she says will only run for 24 hours was trending on the top by press time.