Originally from Western Uganda, Kachabali aka Kunyaza has expanded to different parts of East Africa including to Burundi, Rwanda, the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Western Tanzania and Kenya, this technique is used for maximum pleasure not only for men but mostly for women who enjoy most.

Kachabali is used to trigger female orgasms during heterosexual encounters and here our experts take us through the real deal of how to do it for maximum pleasure.



How to do Kachabali:

During the simple practice of Kachabali aka kunyaza, the man rhythmically and continuously strikes the glans of the Clit0ris with the glans of his Er3ct Pen1s which he takes in his hand or between the index and the middle finger moving in the same motion from top to bottom and vice versa or from left to right and vice versa.

Eventually, he can make circular movements, also working in the same movement clockwise and then counterclockwise. Alternatively, one can strike both the glans and the body of the clit0ris in a similar manner as the glans, moving from the root of the body to the bottom of the glans and back again.

Both parts of the clitoris may also be stimulated by using a zigzagging motion from the root of the body to the bottom of the glans and back again. Initially the striking may be painful because the area is not yet lubricated and in this case, the woman should moisten it with her saliva.

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During this practice, the following is performed: Following v@ginal lubrication through foreplay, the man introduces his manhood into the well to practice the technique of conventional penile v@ginal penetration (PVP), in the course of which he moves his p3nis backward and forward in the v@gina.

After the manhood has become moist enough, he removes it and takes it into his hand or between the index and middle finger, as done during the practice of the simple form of kachabali and then he rhythmically and repeatedly strikes the external surfaces of the lab1aminora with the glans of his manhood.