People Power fans have been experiencing mixed reactions following Ashburg Katto’s decisions as a People Power die hard, to go around begging food from the NRM in the prevailing COVID-19 lockdown.

People had started to doubt his loyalty towards his boss Bobi Wine until today when he posted photos of him with President Museveni and Byivulu promoter Balaam at one of Museveni’s farms up country.

Ashburh Katto, Balaam together with President Museveni

With the criticisms and insults that social media users threw to the photos Katto posted, he decided to come boldly and assured the public that he is no longer a member of People Power but rather a loyal supporter of President Museveni and the NRM.

It is believed that Ashburg has been NRM insider since this year began but has been pretending to be on the People Power side.

In the video we obtained, Ashburg also went ahead to apologize to Balaam for the one shirt abuses he has been making of him.