Hon. Janet Kataha Museveni, the first lady and Minister of Education has clarified that no school should charge extra fees/tuition when studies resume after the 32 day lockdown of the schools.

The first lady made the announcement less than an hour ago while addressing the nation on the Education Ministry resolutions ahead of a possible return to school incase the pandemic is put under check.

Mrs Museveni emphasised that when studies resume, it will be a continuation of the previous term/semester and not a fresh beginning.

“When schools reopen, it will be a continuation of term one so no extra fees. No tests at the end of term one. That time should be used for studying. All online examinations are suspended until we are out of this crisis.” The First Lady announced.

Mrs Museveni announced that if “everyting goes according to plan” 1st term will reopen on the 27th to 12th June 2020, 2nd term (22nd June – 4th September 2020) and 3rd term (21st September – 19th December 2020).